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 Dragon Ball Z Action Packed RP!

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Z Action Packed RP!   Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:20 am

First, pick a character from this list, or make your own. (On a seperate form.)

  • Goku
  • Pan
  • Trunks
  • Piccolo
  • Gohan
  • Gotenks
  • Vegito
  • Gogeta
  • Goten

Or For Evil, there are a select few characters to choose from.

  • Buu
  • Majin Buu
  • Kid Buu
  • Frieza
  • Cell

Made Up Good Characters

  • Jubu
  • Shifteyeguy
  • Jumbuleya
  • StreetX
  • XeroBasha!
  • SuperMan
  • Troy
  • Seggand
  • ElectricFunGuy

Made-Up Character Form:

Power Level: (1-100)
Strength Level:
Defense Level:
Moves: (ex. Super Saiyan, Kamehameha) (Max 4)
Gender: (Male, Female)
Alignment: (Evil, Good)

Choose one, and the story begins:

***DBZ BUU's FURY***

Goku is happily in heaven and the Earth remains to safety and peace, at least everyones thinks so. Meanwhile Babidi is planning to take over the world with his evil Majin Buu, but he is yet to that fact, knowing it is still in an Egg.
Gohan is going to school after breakfest.

(***STORY ENDS***)
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Dragon Ball Z Action Packed RP!
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